Learn the Four Elements of a Memorable Soundbite

It took Jen Psaki 17 seconds to do what the entire 2016 Republican presidential field failed to do to Donald Trump on immigration — hit him hard enough to leave a lasting mark.

“We don’t take our advice or counsel from former…

Originally Published: May 24, 2020

PART TWO: Protect yourself and the other difference makers working with you. Recognize signs of job burnout and learn how to address it.

Source: A Medium Corporation

Songwriter Ray Davies sang about the devastating impact stress can have on people.

Nervous tension, man’s invention,
Is the biggest killer that’s around today
Let the tension out or it will build and build inside
And strike you down some day

Originally Published: July 19, 2019

Does Russian strongman Vladimir Putin have copies of Americans’ most-prized personal photos? With an innocent click of a button, millions of Americans gave a Russian company permission to access their photos and use them, perpetually.

That’s forever. Why would a nuclear power want to have…

Ryan Banfill

Ryan Banfill is a marketing/communications strategist. He is the founder of The Message Clinic, providing concierge communications services for influencers.

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